Who We Are
Modepro India Pvt. Ltd was established in 1993. Our company is primarily engaged in the manufacture of late stage intermediates for active pharmaceutical ingredients. Over the past years, Modepro has established itself as a key partner to several European and Indian pharmaceutical companies for their requirement of advanced intermediates of API’s.

With our state of the art CGMP certifiable manufacturing facilities, our focus on research & development, our deep commitment to quality & our emphasis on customer satisfaction, Modepro is poised to become one of the le.ading suppliers of intermediates to the pharmaceutical industry.
We are a team of highly qualified individuals having vast experience in various areas such as chemical process development, chemical technology, Quality & manufacturing expertise. By leveraging our strengths, We are able to provide cost effective solutions for our customer’s diverse requirements.
Our People

Turbhe, Navi Mumbai.

This unit is located on the outskirts of Mumbai city & falls within the Navi Mumbai chemical manufacturing Zone.

Kurkumbh, Pune.

This is our new manufacturing unit & was commissioned during April 2017. This unit is located near the city of Pune in the Kurkumbh chemical manufacturing zone.

Process Development
We have a successful track record in developing non-infringing processes and scaling them up from laboratory to kilo scale to commercial scale production. Our team of researchers have developed several innovative processes for producing intermediates of many well known API’s
Quality Management systems
We are an ISO9001:2008 certified company Our quality assurance & quality control departments are staffed with competent individuals & our quality systems and documentation are compliant with cGMP requirements. Our plant has been audited by several European multinational companies for compliance to GMP for pharmaceutical intermediates based on the ICHQ7 standard.
Respect for Intellectual Property
Our long-term relationships with multinational companies bear testimony to our strict adherence to Intellectual Property. We leverage best practices and technology to ensure confidentiality in our operations.
Environment, Health and Safety
We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, the welfare of our community and environment protection. We play a proactive role in creating awareness, imparting training and minimizing pollution.